A dash of color.

I recently took some pictures of Kassandra. Las night I revisit some of the images and decided to try something different. Since she often change her hair color and look, I decides to add a DASH OF COLOR to it and I came up with this image.

The original image was taken  with a Canon 5D Mrk III set at ISO 100 and speed of 200. White balance was manually set at 5600K. The lens is Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS L set a f9. The light is from a Paul Buff Einstein E640 and a 36″ Octa with a grid positioned very close to her face at 90 Deg and as a rim light I used a Canon EXII 430 set to manual mode. Black background and everything was triggered with pocket wizards.

Nothing extraordinary or new in concept, but fun and different. I did this playing around with layers and blending modes on Photoshop.  When I can’t sleep, I find it therapeutical to do some edits or watch  tutorials that will teach me some new photoshop tricks and techniques.

Adding a DASH OF COLOR to an image every now and then could be fun. I like the result. I will keep on playing with this idea and see if I can come up with something else along the lines.

#dash of color

Touch of Color

Dash of Color



Photo of the day. Photoshop Layers. Multiple personality

A while back I made a few images of my daughter all over the place, then I made a few of my self and then when I showed them to a friend the kids liked the idea and they want to be part of the fun.

There are a numbers of different things that can be done and I guess creativity is the limit. The basic concept to make this kind of images is to set the camera on a tripod, and go manual, all manual, exposure and focusing. The other key is to make sure nothing moves between shots aside from the main person changing locations.

For the sake of making the process easier it’s best if the main subject does not overlap itself on any frames (if  the person is going to be on the image twice do not set it where the one in the foreground is blocking the one in the background) once the set up is done shoot all the images and sack them in Photoshop it’s easier to start with 2 images to have a feeling of it and keep it growing from there.

Let’s say you have 3 images in Photoshop already, you should have 3 layers now select the bottom layer first, uncheck the two top ones to reveal the  bottom one and make a selection of the person outline; it does not have to be the most precise, as a matter of fact my selection is well (within reason) outside the person (it blends better in most cases with the other layers on top) once you have the selection done and active reveal the two layers above it select the top one and click delete, then select  the middle layer and click delete again, now you should see the image on the bottom layer and that should do it for that layer. Now move to the middle layer and do the same process. The more layers the more fun.

If you are confused by now, I would not blame you since I usually have a hard time explaining the process but in reality it’s a lot simpler than it looks like.