Born and raised in Argentina. I got involved with photography as a teenager and pursued it as way of expression, experimentation and to keep those special things a moments alive, (shomewhat)

After more than 20 years behind some sort of camera as a serious enthusiast I still gather ins and outs about photography, specially now with the digital revolution; were not only the capture of the image requires a different frame of mind compared to the film days, but also the post processing of the image requires a whole new approach. Switching to digital was the biggest leap on my carrier as a photographer.

I have done assignments such as weddings, baptisms, school pictures, some fashion “back in the day” and more recently locations portraits for kids and families. This type of assignments are working great so far; affording me the freedom to keep doing my regular job, be there for my 2 little ones and be a husband. All at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I will upload pictures of different kinds as often as possible. Should you have any topic in mind, please let me know. I might already have something; or you might give me a great opportunity for a new assignment.

Also, don’t be afraid to post questions, thought or pictures. I would like for this blog to be a place to hung out, share ideas and know how. If your are trying to improve your skills for those pictures of the kids, friends, the dear pet, or infamous in laws, make sure to ask, hopefully I could assist or someone else might contribute with and idea or two.

Thanks for stopping by,

Alex Elias


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Alex, thanks for the comments on my blog pictures the other day. You’ve got some great ones on here, and much more patience than me for the still life, macro shots.

    • Great portfolio. I am constantly being reminded of the importance of light, among other things, to make a picture work.

      I recently did an assignment to shoot artwork, and realized I was out of my depth, as I have no light set-up. We (the client and I) experimented with the available lights, but, even though my shots were pretty darned good, a pro light setup would have taken all the guesswork out of it, and I would be prepared to do a more pro job. Fortunately, the client was a former photographer—part-time, and the experience was invaluable to me…. We parted on great terms, and we keep in contact now and then…Thanks for sharing your great work with us.

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