Tips to photograph childrens.

 Here I’ll give you some quick basic tips on things I do when taking pictures of my little ones,  by no means this are rules nor the only or best way to take children pictures but it’s worth trying if your are not all that happy with your current results. I’m not going to cover technical information about camera setting or use of flash. (if anyone want’s that kind of details let me know)

1)   Most grown ups are about twice the height or more of most kids. While taking pictures from up there can be comfortable for your back, getting down to their level will make for more intimate and natural looking kids pictures. If you are not doing this yet… Try it. Even if you don’t do anything else this by itself will improve your pictures.


2) Zoom in. If your camera has a zoom; use it, that’s what it’s for. When there is nothing of interest on the background, why include it on the picture? Frame what ever it’s important and relevent.


3)Zoom in even closer. Why not?  Eyes, hands, feet you get the picture…


4)  Make sure your focus is on those eyes. That is what youreyes look at first on the pictures. Make sure they are sharp Other parts can be blurred and that is quite alright, but unless there is a reason to have out of focus eyes, keep them sharp.




5) Give them room to play and be themselves. Some times it’s good to stay away, use that telephoto and let them be. Candid, natural images tend to be the nicest ones.

 0820_0185   IMG_8947 

6) Be aware of the background. This is one of the things people pay the least of attention to. When one is taking that picture, the one thing we are paying attention to is the moment and not the place so much. Then when looking at the final image we notice the place more than the moment when it’s a bit late. Uniform not distracting backgrounds work good; grass, sky, water, a solid wall, Etc. Try not to have a light post or something similar right behind the kids where it looks like it’s growing out of their heads.  Also Try to avoid hard transitions of colors or lighting in the backgrounds, some times they not only are distracting but it gives the impression that you are splitting the subject in two.



Since the topic it’s lengthy I’ll talk about it some more. 

If there is something in particular any one like me to add and or get deeper into make sure you ask for it. Also if  any one likes to share pictures, tips or comments, please do.

Thanks for looking

Alex Elias


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