Leo Carrillo state beach.


 Like one would expect at a Malibu beach; or most beaches for that matter, there were some surfers. I must say “since I never surfed in my life” this are some gutsy people. Without knowing how much control over that board one really has, I doubt I’d feel comfortable walking through those rocks to be at the mercy of the waves. That is really what motivated me to take this picture. The surfer walking between the rocks with his board, ready to meet his body (top right corner)

The time was 7:38 PM there was about 30 minutes left of light and these guys are going to make sure there is no light at all before they have to get out of the water.

The lens used was the Canon Ef 70-200mm F2.8 IS. Iso 100   F3.2   speed 200.


The following 3 pictures show how the lighting can make the picture and also here comes the aid of the tripod for those low shutter speeds. In two of the pictures the sun was in from of me and in the other one it was behind me creating two totally different moods.

Canon EFS 10-22mm @10mm ISO 100 F18 Speed 1/5th.


Canon EFS 10-22mm @22mm ISO 100 F8 Speed 1/15th.


Canon Ef 70-200mm F2.8 IS. Iso 100,   F8   speed 1/60


 I was waiting for some action to give these pictures some punch along with some sense of movement and dynamics. The camera was sitting on the tripod close to the rocks in  the front; the idea was for the water to hit the rocks and with a low enough shutter speed get the feel of movement I was after.

Canon EFS 10-22mm @10mm ISO 100 F18 Speed 1/8th.


Canon EFS 10-22mm @10mm ISO 100 F18 Speed 1/13th.




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