Hello world!

This is going to be my first time blogging. I hope I can make this whole thing work, and create a conductive and positive place to hung out.

My whole idea behind it is not only to share images, but also to share knowledge, ideas, creative use of Photoshop and more. I hope to learn from you, and who knows; I might benefit someone with a bit of what I know.

For the past 20 years I’ve been involved in photography mainly as a hobby. I took classes and read numerous books regarding different topics.  In recent years I made the switch to digital and never looked back.

I currently use a Canon body, lenses and flashes. What can I say, I am truly sold on Canon (no disregards to other brands in any way) Canon was my camera (I must confess I wanted a Nikon FM2 at the time) and some how ended up with a Canon AE1 Program.

Alex E

Here is a picture I took in Leo Carrillo  California.Meditating


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