California beach picture of the day.

Here is the picture of the day. Since I got a beach picture of my daughter as the introdution let’s make it the topic of the week. Summer it’s gone, but for those of you hard core beach lovers you still have a good few weeks (maybe more) of nice beach weather.

The shots here are from Leo Carrillo, which is located in Malibu California. The place is fantastic.  Someone like me, who’s not much of a water creature and rather enjoy taking pictures more than  getting in the water will love this place. It has a lot to offer for the family activities and for me… the photographer. When the tide is low, there are a number of water pools and even a few caves making it ideal for picture taking. There is a lot of marine life and interesting topicts to spend more time than my wife and kids we confortable with, the real truth though… I run out of available light.

I would like to make a second trip before the climate does not help any more.

If you, yes you reading this blog have any beach pictures that like to share, please do.  

This was a shot of my daer family. I did not think color added much value over here so I decided to shot these images and turn them to black and white. Some thimes I like to put a mid to long tele on the camera and shoot from far. Here I used my Canon 40D with a Canon ef 70-200 F2.8 IS


The use of a wide angle in this case a Canon efs 10-22 mm  also makes for an intersting view


This is another shot done with the ef 70-200mm . It gives the subject more  room to breath and not feel bother by me.


Here is the last one for today. I’ll post some color for tomorrow.



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