Fitness photo shoot for Beach body coach.

I just finished a photo shoot for Anna Gray. She is a coach for Beach body, she is all about fitness and sports healthy living and family. In 2013 she made it to the top 1% out of the 150,000 coaches that beach body company has. Now that is one heck of an accomplishment. She lost 70 pounds with pure exercise and healthy eating and now she is a coach for beach body. Here is a link to her Facebook page so you can read more about her. If you need to loose some stubborn weight or need some great inspiration seems to me that Anna Gray is the right person to look for.

We shot quite a few pictures (many that I haven’t work on yet) and they came out great. Here a just a hand full.

I really like this shot of Anna Gray lifting. 


Anna also play Hockey. So why not show that as well.

Hokey player.

Anna Gray 01

Anna Gray 02

Anna Gray 03