Self portrait. Mad Hatter.

I just started toying around with the idea of a Mad Hatter self portrait.

I found a Mad Hatter hat at Disney and that sparked the idea. I took it home, try it on and shot a few frames (actually about 100) and this is one of the images.

Now I like to find more appropriate clothes and do live make up as supposed of digital make up and try the same shot again.

Here it is. Mad Hatter self portrait.

I shot this self portrait with a Canon 5D MrkIII  Canon 24-70 f2.8 L @ f11 One strobe (Einstein with a Paul C Buff octa fitted with and egg crate and CTO gel) as a fill light I use a Canon 580EXII on an Lastolite easy box also with a CTO gel and the lights were triggered with Pocket wizards. 

The purpose of the gels was to compensate for the color temperature light that is shown in the image (to the right)








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