Photo of the day. First time eating popsicles

Today I got a new lens for my camera. Canon 24-70 F2.8 L . Needless to say I’m pretty happy since I wanted it for a  while. The sad part is that my next day off is on Wednesday “4 days of waiting” to much for me. So my test subject was my great family.

Today it was Sebastian’s first popsicle so while he was having fun and enjoying new things I was doing the same behind the camera, having fun and enjoying my new lens.

Lighting was not the best so I cranked up the ISO to 800  F4.0 speed at  1/50th and used two light sources one Canon 580EXII pointed to the ceiling with the white card up (nothing high fashion) and a Canon 430EXII as a slave pointed to the corner of the wall and ceiling to the right. The flashes where set at +2/3 . One thing to notice is that the slave sis not make a huge difference on the image, it did help but with just one light one can get great results as well.

Alex Elias


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