Photo of the day. Black and white drawing

Although this might not be a whole lot about photography. I did this drawing and I thought I share it here. The only thing that this had to do with photography is about the way you like to photograph a plain pice of paper, or curling in this case.
I laid the paper under a piece of acrylic since it was curling a bit. I made sure to position my self in a way that I’m not reflected on the acrylic and used a silk to minimise other reflections; the rest of them were eliminated with the use of a polarizing filter. I did not use a flash on this one. The other part to this was to position the camera to it was as parallel as possible to the paper and the hardest part of all. Press the shutter button.
The rest is history.
This is what was in my mind… I wish I knew how to upload the image to look larger than this or click on it to enlarge since there is a lot to see here. If anyone know how to do that feel free to let me know.



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