Macro Photography. Snails.

The other night on my way back from work I found this slimy fellows crawling arround. My nature… Take them home and photograph them.

The set up was quite simple. Black background and two Canon speedlights set to manual on A:B groups and a third Canon Flash as the commander. I played with the ratios to taste as opposed of a 2:1 or 3:1 you get the point.  The lights where on stands shooting through umbrellas. The first few images did not come the way I was hoping; light was spilling to the back ground making it a bit gray and also I got some reflections I did not care for on the leaf, So I added Stofen diffuser to the lights to make the light even softer and also zoom the lights slightly 50 mm to get more directional lighting. The lens was Canon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro @ F11 speed 125th Iso 200.

Here are two of the many pictures I took. Something new to me  (I took pictures too) it was the snail eliminating digested food (for lack of better words) #2, it seems like a whole process of weird twistings and again something we don’t see often. Nature at it’s best.

Thanks for looking

Alex Elias




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