Still life Photography with a few fruits.

This is the result of having 2 peaches an apple and some time in my hands. For this image I used a Canon EF 50mm 1.4 set at F8. The ISO was set at 100 and the speed at 250. The lighting was pretty simple group A was a Canon 580EX with an umbrella to the right of the camera and Group B a Canon 430EXII also with an umbrella to the left of the camera. The flashes were on ETTL II instead of manual. The master unit was a Canon 580EX II sitting on the camera hot shoe it was only used as a transmitter to the other 2.  The ratio was set at the highest I could 8:1.

The picture was then cropped a bit and with Photo Shop did the last touches.

If you have any questions that I did not covered here, or like to share some images feel free to post. I’d encourage anyone to ask questions or suggest a topic to future postings.

Thanks for looking.

Alex Elias

Peaches and apple.

Peaches and apple.


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